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argghhh I broke my own rule about posting monthly and missed June AND July! But it was a mad July with visiting and visitors and lots of work and ANYWAY.

The main thing, Danny, is two things (<---quote from a long ago play I was in): 1) my new book, The Radiant Road, has a gorgeous cover with art by Scott McKowen; and 2) there will be an audio version, recorded by the Listening Library, which does all the best young-reader books. To say I am psyched doesn't even.

Try to tell me that is not magnificent. I am the luckiest author with covers EVER.

Try to tell me that is not magnificent. I am the luckiest author with covers EVER.

It's about adventure and making art and finding courage and figuring out love maybe possibly? (or maybe just liking a lot?) and saving worlds and all that. Read all about it

In less giddy news, I've also written a couple more Cabinet of Curiosities stories this summer: one very short one about tiny creepy crawlies that are ALL OVER YOU! RIGHT NOW! called "How It Feels When They Come"; and another about hikers who don't get back before dark, like they were warned to do, called "Night Walkers."

And I'm working on some other stuff, and oh I just started rehearsing an excellent play called The Quarry, by Greg Pierce, which will go up at Hyde Park Theatre late next month.

But more on that and other things next post. For now let's all just sit around and stare dreamily at that cover.



gorgeous cover is gorgeous

The Cabinet of Curiosities had its big cover reveal (COVER REVEAL! I like saying that, I feel like a magician)  over at The Book Smugglers. The cover, see below, is flipping gorgeous, with art by Alexander Jansson.

But just because you can see the cover here, you should still go to Book Smugglers because there is also a fairly amazing (we immodestly feel) giveaway that includes signed books from all four of us AND a $50 IndieBound gift card, which you can use to buy even more books! It is RAINING BOOKS, if you enter this thing. So go enter!

And admire the cover: