February 17-July 27, 2017

Sister of Shattering Glass was an all-ages adventure story commissioned by Physical Plant Theatre. It followed the main characters from my novel Summer and Bird in a brand-new story that took place in the audience’s text messages over the course of five months.

Here's an Austin American Statesman piece about Sister of Shattering Glass -- and here's the Austin Chronicle's. And Broadway World Austin's for good measure.

Taking the silent role of a concerned father, you received messages from Summer and Bird as the girls raced toward the center of a dark maze behind the mirrors of the world, where a being born from reflections and fractures threatened to devour the maze from within—including the two sisters and every bird on earth.

Over the course of five months, each character messaged you directly from a phone number of their own: your daughters, their friends and teachers — and the residents of the maze itself.

It's over now, but you can learn more at the Physical Plant website.

If you experienced the piece, I'd love to hear about your experience if you care to share.