past present future, but much less tense

LOOK AT ALL THE PEOPLE. Photo credit Pete Minda.

LOOK AT ALL THE PEOPLE. Photo credit Pete Minda.

I have kind and amazing friends, and BookPeople has a kind and amazing staff, and my book event Tuesday was a complete joy to me. Thank you, everyone.

And now it is now! The present! Past the big book event I could not see around for a while. The present has

  • Digging back into my neglected-in-the-past-week Book #2
  • Signing stock at BookPeople for all your holiday shopping needs HINT HINT
  • Incredibly lovely review in the Austin American Statesman, my hometown paper.
  • Cynthia Leitich Smith interviewing me for her Cynsations blog (see my office in all its random messy glory)
  • iTunes/iBook store naming Summer and Bird one of their Best Books of October HURRAH.

And soon it will be: the future. What now swims before my eyes blocking out all else is the Texas Book Festival October 27-28. Besides stalking my favorite writers at various panels and parties, I will also be

  • Signing books at the BookPeople/Penguin Booth (booth 314-315) from 11:30am-noon on Sunday, October 27.
  • On a children's lit panel called "The World Turned Upside Down" at 1pm Sunday. This panel is moderated by author and Writing Barn-runner Bethany Hegedus. The panelists are NY Times bestselling writer Lisa McMann, award-winning Austin writer of boy-friendly books Greg Leitich Smith, and NY Times bestselling AND award-winning writer Catherynne M. Valente. And uh, me! So how can it not be awesome, not to mention upside-down.
  • Signing books in the Children's Booksigning Tent at 13th and Colorado at 2:15pm Sunday, right after the panel.

So come stroll around the Capitol, bring kids, drop by the panel, or come to one of the booksignings--even if you don't need a book signed (you have to buy them there to get them signed there, FYI), come say hi, I will be glad to see you.

In: the FUTURE (cue theramin effect).