Wren out my office window. This wren is ON IT.

Wren out my office window. This wren is ON IT.

  • The Cabinet of Curiosities website is experiencing some sort of horrific undead half-life--another way of saying we're posting stories there only sporadically right now. My newest one is about a ghost fox. Watch out for ghost foxes, man.

  • The Austin Chronicle did a really lovely interview with me. All about fairy-making and Burning Man and learning lines and why you should make art. YES YOU.

  • My ten-minute play "Right into the Night Sky" was nominated as Outstanding Original Script at the 2016 local B. Iden Payne theater awards, up against four, you know, actual, full-length plays. A canary flying (briefly) with the eagles!

  • I wrote a post on writing in the omniscient point of view for Yellow Bird Editors. Let's bring it back y'all!

  • Psyched to learn that Colby Minifie, the young actress who reads the audio version of The Radiant Road, has a regular role on the amazing Marvel's Jessica Jones.