getting stuck in

I'm doing big book revisions right now (big book: big revisions), and have been trying to get myself into that stuck-in place where the whole world joins in with what you're writing--where everywhere you go, you see and hear things that feed what you're working on. I love that place. 

Last night I finally got a bit stuck-in that way (in part by listening to "Sprout and the Bean" over and over--harp hypnosis!). One way I could tell was that I had been writing about ravens, and when I came out of my office I saw a magazine with a raven on the cover! SYNCHRONICITY.

Synchronistic raven!

After a few minutes I realized it was actually a tie. But I am still happy that my stuck-in-ness made it a raven.

And last night I dreamed that I took a little girl to the Jade Pool, which was a large office filled with murky, lovely, sea-green water. The little girl was excited, but I got my foot caught in someting underneath and almost drowned. Apparently someone in my head is worred about what we mean by "stuck."