lessons of solitaire

When I feel anxious these days, I play computer solitaire. It seems to keep the anxiety-producing part of my mind busy so that the rest of me can think things over in peace.  I find it very soothing.

One thing that I've noticed, or theorized, is that you can't win some solitaire games without making a mistake. You need to overlook an opportunity to play a certain card in order to be able play a much more important card later. 

I like that. I like that you can't win without making a mistake. To venture into a whole different game: I'm temperamentally more of a relief pitcher than a hitter. At my core, I seem to believe that if I don't screw up, if I escape with nothing disastrous happening, then I win. But what the hell kind of winning is that? (unless you're Jose Valverde)

Some mistakes are just mistakes, but others are fruitful, are where change happens, are where luck happens. Some set you up for a beautiful win. And: you might not know which is which for a long while--for years, even. So I am trying to treat all my mistakes with more interest and respect.