come on-na my house

I will actually give you candy, too, just like the song (George Clooney's aunt! famous song! look it up).

So this weekend I am participating in the Writer's Room Home Studio Tour, part of the Fusebox Festival here in Austin. I am one of several local writers inviting people into our homes from 11am-3pm Sturday and Sunday. We'll each be doing short readings on the hour. If you come at any other time, you can wander around--various writers have planned various things, and my own home will be tarted up a bit to look more like the inside of my head--and, at my house, have tea and chocolate and possibly muffins (all three are critical components of my Process). Perhaps we can talk about writing, or whatever you like.

One wall of my writing room. Don't expect it all to be this fancy!I am not sure whether to be worried that no one will come, or that only my friends will come, or that lots of strangers will come. All those possibilities look scary! That said: please come! Here's a page with a couple of brief audio clips of me (interview and reading excerpts) related to this project, as well as an awesome photograph by Leon Alesi.

And don't just come to MY house. The other participating writers are all blazing stars: Annie La Ganga & Bill Cotter, Spike Gillespie, Robert Faires, Wayne Alan Brenner, and Amparo Garcia-Crow. And I've now been to most of their houses, which are wonderful. You can see photos and hear excerpts of them on that Writer's Room site.

See you this weekend, I hope (I think).