windy day

Not today so much, but a couple of days ago, when I wrote my latest Cabinet story, it was crazy windy--a speaking wind, you know, the kind that mutters and howls and woooos. And our Cabinet theme for March is wind (I know, original right?). IT WAS A SIGN.

My story is a perversion of that strange and lovely George Macdonald classic, At the Back of the North Wind. As a child I read that book over and over. I wanted more books like that, dense and rich and not always fully parseable, at least to me as a child.

Not everyone feels that way of course, as a child or an adult. I wonder if that longing for the unparseable, for gorgeous spots of opacity and ambiguity, is inherent or learned or what. Either way, I'm always so glad when I find someone else who feels the way I do. Secret Society of Negative Capability y'all!

This week's Cabinet story is PLENTY parseable and straightforward, believe me. Poor Ruby, adopted as the new Diamond by a North Wind driven mad by loss. That's not gonna end well.