Cover art by Scott McKowen.

Cover art by Scott McKowen.

And sometimes the Strange came to visit Clare, and dreams walked through her waking life.

What if  your house had a tree inside it? What if the tree were a gate between worlds--the gate that makes it possible for humans to dream and create?

When 15 year-old Clare returns to the Irish home where she was born, that’s what she finds. But now an ancient evil threatens to close the gate forever, and only Clare and a strange boy named Finn stand in the way.

An adventure story about dreaming, loving, and creating—whether writing, art, music, or invention—and what it takes to keep them alive.

There is no safety, and so we must touch and be touched, and we must fall and fly.


Now available from Dutton Young Readers (Penguin) (January 19, 2016)

THE RADIANT ROAD, by Katherine Catmull

I did a multi-stop blog tour for The Radiant Road--see this blog post of mine for links as they post. My faves in gifs! what I'd rather! Clare's soundtrack! and much more.

Publishers Weekly (starred review): "A stunningly atmospheric, gorgeously complicated dream of a book. Genuinely frightening and eerie moments are drawn as masterfully as the joyous, glowing, peculiar images that populate Catmull's version of a world inexorably linked to, yet separate from, our own."

School Library Journal (starred review): "An unforgettable tale that begins slowly and gently, gradually and inevitably leading to a thundering crescendo. A haunting novel that contains all the darkness and light of A Midsummer Night's Dream."

Booklist: "Catmull has created an eerily lovely story, writing with an old­-fashioned style that at times sings like a lullaby. An excellent addition to either teen or juvenile collections of all sizes." 

School Library Journal Read-and-Watch-Alikes: "Katherine Catmull’s Radiant Road spins out an epic good-versus-evil tale while exploring the liberating power of creativity, the importance of self-knowledge, and the glories of finding one’s passion. Lovely-to-savor language, familiar yet freshly imagined elements, and a heroine who slowly and satisfyingly comes into her own make for an entrancing read."

BookPeople Top Shelf Pick: "Catmull’s writing is incomparable, unique in a genre that is already full of magical tales."

Austin American Statesman: "Gorgeously written . . . 'Radiant' is indeed just that."

Austin Chronicle: "Not only is the conception of fairies unique here, but the richness with which they and their abilities are described transports the reader without bogging down pace.  . . . [A book] no adult need be ashamed to read in the break room."

"Gorgeous, haunting, and wonderfully strange, The Radiant Road establishes Katherine Catmull as a master of the modern fairy tale. ” - Anne Ursu, author of The Real Boy and Breadcrumbs

"Katherine Catmull weaves Clare’s contemporary story deftly with ancient Celtic lore. (The Radiant Road is) a beguiling novel with a strong, engaging protagonist." - Juliet Marillier, author of Daughter of the Forest and Wildwood Dancing

Available from your independent bookstore (in Austin, that’s BookPeople or BookWoman), Barnes & Noble, or Amazon

The Radiant Road is also available as an audiobook from the Listening Library. Check it out at Audible, or listen to a snippet right here.