blog tour of RADIANT ROAD blogging madness blogs! bloggity!

Maybe I am JUST NOT a blogger, is that a possibility? Why can't I keep up here? 

Anyway THIS post is really just going to be a constantly-updated list of kindly sites hosting my The Radiant Road blog-tour blogs. Updated as they happen! So you can't say I'm not blogging! SHUT UP! STOP SAYING THAT!

Okay here goes:



  • At Me on the longggg and twisty road to publication for this crazy book. They posted a lovely and thoughtful review of the book as well.
  • At Winter Haven Books: An amusing (well: to us!) game of "Would You Rather?" Would I rather have dinner with a werewolf or a vampire? You're probably wrong. 
  • At WordSpelunking (motto: "books and cupcakes" -- I can fully support that mission statement): A list of my ten favorite things as illustrated by gifs! I got to use my favorite gif, which is the one up there. WordSpelunking also posted a very generous review of The Radiant Road.
  • At Dark Faerie Tales: a book soundtrack for The Radiant Road--music I listened to while I was writing to put me in that right (or write) place. They also have a smart and lovely review  up.
  • At YABibliophile: An interview I quite enjoyed!
  • At Alexa Loves Books: My one or two (okay maybe five or six) biggest inspirations as a writer and how they shaped The Radiant Road.
  • At the Penguin Teen Tumblr: A bunch of amusing questions, including "If you could spend one year on a deserted island with one character from literature, who would you choose?" to which I have a weird answer.
  • At Live to Read: A playlist of songs my main character Clare might listen to.
  • At BookPage: An interview in which Cat Acree asked some awfully perceptive questions about the book.
  • At Gone Pecan: 25 Random Things About me. For some reason I LOVED doing this. You won't BELIEVE #13.
  • At Across the Words: A very cool interview with photos of Irish places that inspired me.

These next aren't strictly part of the blog tour but happened around the same time:

  • At WordMothers: A nice interview about my book, process, writing room, what inspires me.
  • At The Page 69 Test: I did a brief (and fun) analysis of page 69 of The Radiant Road and how it relates to the rest of the book. Among other things, it turned out to be the only page where the book title appears!
  • At The Writing Barn, an Austin TREASURE, I sing the praises of the Barn and also a song of myself.