hello new york

Hello New York! I am here for SCBWI.

Hello classic tourist picture of Washington Square Park: In Winter.


Couple of blocks from my hotel! Moving uptown to the Hyatt tomorrow.

Hello finally meeting my excellent and charming agent David Dunton while simultaneously delighting in a pulled pork sandwich--what could be lovelier?

Hello High Line, you are unphotographably (by me at least) awesome, and worth wearing out my boots on:


Lots of people courting up here, or whatever you call it in New York.

Hello Metropolitan Museum, why do I always get stuck in your Crazy Masks section? Am I meant to put some masks in my current book?


I feel like the opposite of this guy today.Hello tomorrow, when I will meet my editor/publisher and other Penguin people, and maybe later go to the kidlit drink night at the Public House and maybe NOT stand awkwardly in the corner (that's just a working theory, don't hold me to it); and then hello SCBWI itself, which will be a whole other story.

Hello New York: thanks for being so chilly and gray (hurrah) and kind to me so far. Let's get together more often in the future.