old notebooks

I have 10,000 notebooks, and sometimes I start one and then misplace it for a couple of years. Just found one (glove box!) from the summer of 2009 which is full of little messages to myself from the past. Now I want to pull out all my old notebooks and find out what weird things I was thinking back whenever. Here is one:

"We like to hear things calling to each other--we look for conversations among objects and other creatures--we are wired to find social cues, we are happy to find them."

I love that! Well done KC v.Summer09. McKinney Falls, 12/31/11. You can't quite see the alleged buoy in this shot, but almost.

Two more:

"The POWER OF REPETITION--repetition creates its own meaning."


"Approach writing like it's holy and don't make a big fuss about it." 

I like that -- it's unexpected that holiness means less fuss, but also very true. The sacred is too important for fuss. I need to paint that on my laptop.

And here's one I added to this reborn notebook, from my hike Saturday. It's comparatively sublunary but I still like it:

Boy fishing: "Dad look a buoy!"

Dad fishing: "A what?"

Boy: "A buoy!"

Dad: "A what?"

Boy: "A buoy!"

Mom sitting between them: "It's a beer can."