sister of shattering glass

Yes I am blogging again for the first time in a year. It's been a quiet year, okay?

(Except for the part where I went backcountry camping all alone in Yellowstone and a whole herd of buffalo walked though my camp . . . or when I went to Burning Man  . . . or when I was in an insane play where I talked to a bot and carried a clarinet around the whole time  . . . okay I was busy.)

BUT! We're about to launch THE STRANGEST PROJECT OF ALL, which I've been working on for two years and am very proud of.

Photo by  Annie Gunn . Poster by  Five & Four .

Photo by Annie Gunn. Poster by Five & Four.

It's called Sister of Shattering Glass, and it's an all-ages behind-the-mirrors adventure that takes place entirely on your phone, in your text messages. It goes on for four months, and is full of brilliant images and strange sounds and odd characters.

And it's only $6. 

And we promise not to blow up your phone.

Learn more at the Physical Plant Theatre website, or jump straight to the Kickstarter and buy a ticket to adventure. We are already one of Kickstarter's "Projects We Love." I hope we will be one that you love, too.