last chance for a phone full of strange

IT IS THE HOUR! (almost).

There's a lot of birds back behind the mirror--why?

There's a lot of birds back behind the mirror--why?

Signups for Sister of Shattering Glass end this Monday, February 13, at 6:30PM Central. No late train and no late seating.

Voice from the back: "Remind me what this thing is?"

It's the story of two sisters trapped behind the mirrors of our world, trying to contact you, with words, and pictures, and sound.

It's a lovely little trickle of strangeness, adventure, and pleasure that will wind in and out among your text messages for five months.

It only costs $6--or it's free if you're broke and under 20. You can stop or pause it any time you like.

It's your one life! Have some fun and jump on board while you can. Need more convincing? Here's an Austin American Statesman piece about this project -- and here's the Austin Chronicle's. And Broadway World Austin's for good measure.

See you in your text messages soon.